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Check Out a Few Recent Articles

What does your CPA say when they see your books?

What does your CPA say when they see your books? Whether you need your CPA to do your taxes, help find tax savings or review your books for investors, it’s in your best interest as a business owner to come prepared. While a CPA can straighten out your books for you, this isn’t their main purpose that's really…
CEOs Do Not Need To Be CFOs

How Entrepreneur Magazine Got It Wrong – CEOs Do Not Need To Be CFOs

CEOs Do Not Need To Be CFOs Entrepreneur Magazine published an article last year entitled "Why Accounting Skills Are Indispensable for Entrepreneurs." The premise behind it is that entrepreneurs should learn – and do – every single aspect of their business to be successful. This includes everything from accounting and finance to negotiations and communications.…

The Inside Scoop From An Outsourced CFO

Helping to debunk the notion of needing a full-time financial leader, Dan Mead brings over a decade of financial executive-level experience to Keep’s Outsourced CFO team. Working with a wide variety of industries, including Nonprofit, Public Relations & Communications, and Healthcare, he tackles all things financial, from proactively managing the business to fine-tuning strategies for…
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