Outsourcing Your Accounting

Outsourcing Your Accounting Buys You More Time to Do What You Do Best

COVID has changed not just the way we all work but the way we consider working. Sometimes in business, we learn lessons early on that we forget as we grow. The shift to fully virtual work has caused us to reexamine many things about the company and how we do business. It was a good reminder that while we are all capable of doing many things ourselves, that doesn’t mean it’s best for our business.

Early on in the business, I realized I made a mistake in my first hire. The best first hire would have been a good assistant. A good assistant can take the detailed small tasks off my plate (that I’m not good at anyway) to allow me to focus on my highest and best use. As the business started to grow, I realized I needed IT support, then marketing support. Rather than build an internal team with a fixed set of skills, we chose an outsource partner to function as our marketing department. They offer a much broader skillset, which we can leverage as our needs changed. I’m self-actualized enough to know I’m not a marketing expert.

Outsourcing Your Accounting

When we began our outsourcing accounting services, it was difficult for some organizations to wrap their head around, something so central to their ongoing efforts not being onsite, or even within their company, but we proved the accounting department does not have to be down the hall. Your accounting can spread out across multiple locations with all of the infrastructure required to make it as seamless as if it’s just down the hall. As acceptance that things can be spread out physically while working seamlessly has opened up multiple possibilities.

Cloud services started it. Remember, at one point, people would walk down the hall and look at their web server. No more; it just doesn’t make sense for anyone to consider that. Those needs grew to be too specialized, and the downside risk became too large, so everyone moves to a specialized environment with cloud service providers. They have the technology, expertise, and experience to manage and can scale immediately to address unforeseen issues.

Hiring expert partners who can scale with an organization and provide immediate expertise when and where needed is the definition of lean. We have based our outsourced accounting services on being that partner to our clients: it just works. Yep, it’s a shameless plug, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Shameless Plug

Contact us…maybe we can convince you to consider outsourcing your accounting, and getting back more of your time to do wahy you do best.

– Michelle Galligan, Founder 

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